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Home Decor: Monograms

This holiday season, I opted out of the typical wreathe for our front door. Instead, I wanted to do something a little different.

I’ve been seeing monograms used as home décor ALL over Pinterest, so I found the perfect “M” from Happy Clam Monogram and put my own holiday twist on it! …and no, the “M” isn’t for “Molly”…it’s for “Mesnick”!

Happy Clam Monogram has a couple variations: plain wood, painted wood, single letters, block letters, etc.

I chose the single letter, unfinished “M” so that I could paint it whichever color I wanted…which ended up being silver.

Slap a big red bow on it and BAM! You’ve got some flare for your front door!

Before and After!

Here are a few other ideas – found on Pinterest – that make great use of monograms!


If you like any of these ideas…you’re in luck! Happy Clam Monogram is offering $10 off your entire purchase (valid until January 11th)! Just use the promo code: Molly10 and you’re all set!

Happy Monograming!

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  1. That’s so pretty! I love monograms.

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